BI Developer

Location: Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Salary: competitive
Sectors: Account Services
Job Type: Permanent
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You have extensive hands-on experience in solving real-world problems with BI. You have been involved in the planning and delivery of large-scale BI solutions and done so in an agile, iterative approach. Your experience covers multiple technologies and use-cases. You have experience in both the analytics, reporting and user interface aspects on the one side and the data processing and data management on the other. You can be pragmatic when something needs to be delivered quickly yet strategic when possible building towards a stable, reliable platform avoiding long-term technical debt. You love working closely with business stakeholders, data engineers, and others in cross-functional teams to develop solutions iteratively.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Business
    • Provide cutting-edge BI to key stakeholders like the board, finance department and others
    • Democratization of insight; provide large numbers of users with appropriate information
    • Collaborate with business and technology stakeholders
    • Translate business ideas to deliverable BI solutions
  • Data
    • Exploration and ad-hoc preparation
    • Collaboration on
      • Shared aspects like data dictionaries and governance
      • Data ingest, processing and automation with Data Engineers
      • Data modeling and back end storage solutions to drive BI
      • Delivery of latest generation of Data Mart and Warehouse technology
      • Business Intelligence
      • Development of reliable, reusable reporting and analytics solutions
      • Development of visualizations, KPIs and reports
      • Help analytics staff in the business units

Technical Skills

  • Professional experience in a comparable role
  • Business Intelligence background and relevant degree
  • Essential skills
    • Solid experience in Business Analyst - Data Models, System Analysis, Star Schema, Business Intelligence (BI), Kimball
    • Very good hands-on experience working with one of the following BI tools Tableau, Qlikview, PowerBI, MicroStrategy etc. Preferably, Tableau
    • Numerical and general analytics mindset
    • SQL
    • Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal)
    • Creative problem solving
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