Location: Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Salary: competitive
Job Type: Contract
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For a client of ours we are currently looking for a MySQL DBA professional.

The perfect candidate has experience with large scale databases. In this project you will mostly focus on the design phase.

You need to be able to quickly answers questions like how big should the database be? What technology from the cloud should we use? How big should the machine be, etc..

95% will be GCP related so you should be familiar with how the cloud works, what are the available technologies?

Further experience building and deploying installations on cloud is very useful, same for Infra as code experience (configuration management) Docker, Terraform & Google cloud compute engine - not Cloud SQL.

The client is building their own database directly on the cloud platform and isn't using "of the shell" options. They will use region to region application and they want to have auto back-up/automation. The version of MySQL is yet to be determined but likely Percona.

If you feel you have the experience required then do reach out!

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