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The digital sector has grown exorbitantly in recent years and the growth continues. Developments and innovations in the field of customer experience, content and marketing follow each other rapidly. These developments provide great opportunities for both organizations and professionals. At Madison Black we connect innovative organizations with the best Design & Marketing specialists.

Digital Business Architect - CMS Systemen
Salary: competitive
Location: Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Job Type: Contract
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Umbraco developer
Location: Netherlands
Job Type: Contract
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Your career in Design & Marketing

At Madison Black we have the most exciting and energizing jobs for you. We divide our Design & Marketing jobs into the specializations Customer Experience, Content and Marketing. From UX designer to Customer journey specialist, from UX writer to copy writer and from digital marketeer to CRM marketeer, we have the most suitable assignment for you, within Design & Marketing .

Whether you are more creative or analytical, within Content and Marketing we have assignments for creatives, specialists from marketing tech to creative  and everything in between. Some examples of jobs we have for you are Copy Writer, SEO Specialist, SEA Specialist, Marketing Automation specialist, CRM marketeer, Campaign Marketer and Growth Hacker.

Our clients vary from startups to international multinationals and everything in between. The cultures and teams are diverse and differ from the more classic form of teams to multidisciplinary teams where Design Thinking is the most common method. Discuss your ambitions and wishes with our consultants. Together, we will find the best suitable assignment and client for you. Because an employer that fits your standards and values ​​is just as important as a position that fits your ambitions.

With Design & Marketing you build a stronger brand for your organization

From concept to the actual product and product maintenance, we always have a specialist in our network that fits your project the best. By adding the right Design & Marketing specialists to your teams, you get the best possible results from your organization. Our network consists of those specialists, they take your organization to a higher level. How do they do this?

For example, by researching how your target group navigates through websites and adjusting the website accordingly in order to achieve a higher conversion. Or, by writing the best texts for your website, social channels and newsletters. Those newsletters, the website and social media generate data. We also have specialists at Madison Black who help you convert that data into useful information and apply this information, for example by running SEA campaigns.

Whether you are looking for one specialist or a whole team, our consultants are ready to give you the best advice and solve your recruitment issues.

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